2014 Gift Guide for Comedy Lovers

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Your girlfriend’s last five Halloween costumes have been Arrested Development-themed. Your sister seems to communicate entirely through Onion articles on Facebook. And your dad refuses to leave the house wearing anything other than his Lärrydavhead shirt. What are you supposed to get these people? The correct answer is months and months of family therapy, but barring that, here a few gifts that should keep the comedy nuts in your life laughing well into 2015.

“Treat Yo’ Self” Parks and Rec Nail Decals
$8 on Emerging Thoughts

It’s been three years since Parks and Recreation first implored viewers to treat themselves, but only recently have they been able to give their fingertips the full Pawnee treatment with these civic government-inspired nail decals. Each order includes 21 illustrations, meaning there’s enough flyness for your favorite Donna wannabe to swag out both sets of digits.

Rick and Morty: Season 1
$20.29 on Amazon


If your holiday giftee is a fan of cult comedy writer Dan Harmon, they probably already own every episode of Community on Blu-ray, DVD and Bit Torrent. However, it’s much less likely they’ve picked up the first season of Rick and Morty, Harmon’s fantastic new Adult Swim comedy. An off-kilter take on the abusive relationship subtext of Back to the Future, let Rick and Morty put the “Jesus Christ!” back in Christmas this year.

Unofficial Broad City Votive Candles
$30 a set on Etsy


Sure, these fan-made prayer candles don’t bear a fancy Comedy Central logo, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be a welcome addition to the comedy alter of your favorite struggling millennial—or be any less essential once that millennial gets their power shut off. Not to mention selling unlicensed merch on Etsy is just the kind of scheme that Abbi and Ilana might cook up for hash money.

Bill Murray Tune Squad Jersey
$29.99 on Etsy


As a child, your son or daughter may have told you they wanted to grow up to be an astronaut. This is a lie. All anyone under 30 has ever wanted to be is Bill Murray at the end of Space Jam. Now they can, thanks to this stylish Tune Squad jersey. Just remember, Murray’s famed balling powers only work on offense.

Monty Python’s Total Rubbish: The Complete Collection
$109.99 on MontyPython.com


While lots of comedians boast alleged cult followings, Monty Python devotees are one of the few fan groups that have a solid case for being a new religious movement. Reward the Pythonist in your life for their devotion with this massive CD box set collecting the troupe’s complete U.K. discography, also available in vinyl for $219.99. At the very least it should give them a few new lines for their quote repertoire, which, let’s be honest, could use some freshening up.

Poking a Dead Frog: Conversations with Today’s Top Comedy Writers by Mike Sacks
$13.69 on Amazon


When Mike Sacks released And Here’s the Kicker in 2009, the book instantly became essential reading for aspiring comedy writers, offering priceless insight into the funny business from some of the industry’s most seasoned vets. This year, Sacks finally published his follow-up, Poking a Dead Frog, featuring hundreds more pages of wisdom from the jokesters behind shows like The Colbert Report and Saturday Night Live. Also included: an interview with the Grand-mensch of Comedy himself, Mel Brooks.

Hannibal Buress: Live From Chicago Digital Download
$5 on ComedyCentral.com


If you’re one of those wacky people that still insist on giving actual, tangible presents that exist in the physical world, $15 will buy you a DVD of Hannibal Buress’ uproarious Live From Chicago printed on demand by Amazon. Otherwise, you can gift someone one of this year’s best comedy specials for about the price of a jar of pickles via Comedy Central’s website.

Yes Please by Amy Poehler
$14.50 on Amazon


Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler’s recently released memoir Yes Please is “candid, thoughtful and poignant,” touching on everything from her early days at Chicago’s Upright Citizens Brigade theatre to her divorce from Arrested Development’s Will Arnett this April. It’s also a book, making it technically educational in case anyone questions the wisdom of giving it to a comedy-loving niece or nephew.

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