A Beer That Solves Problems

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They say that alcohol won’t solve your problems, but an ad agency out of Copenhagen is claiming the exact opposite with their new beer, The Problem Solver. CP&B Copenhagen have created a beer designed to help you reach the ideal level of intoxication to facilitate “problem solving, inventing and general ‘out of the box’ thinking.”

The agency was inspired by a 2012 study from the University of Illinois at Chicago that showed men at a certain level of intoxication (.075% alcohol level) completed creative puzzles better than perfectly sober men. According to the NY Daily News, the researchers devised a bar game in which 40 men were given three words and told to come up with a fourth word that fits the pattern. Half the players were given two pints of beer, the other half remained sober. According to the study, the drinkers solved 40% more problems than the sober group.

The label on The Problem Solver has a scale that estimates your level of intoxication based on the amount of beer you’ve had from the bottle. The agency serves the beer at after hours work sessions and community gatherings to help brainstorm ideas.

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