J.K. Rowling Wrote 12 New Harry Potter Stories

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Forget the 12 days of Christmas. We’re getting 12 days of Harry Potter.

J.K. Rowling’s story on Draco Malfoy isn’t the only one that will surface as part of Pottermore’s Christmas celebration. In a newsletter to Pottermore members, Rowling announced that she will release 12 stories on the wizarding world over the course of the online event.

The new content includes stories about Professor McGonagall, the Malfoy family and even the manufacturer of Floo Powder.

Rowling has written additional Potter material before, namely July’s column about a present-day Quidditch World Cup and Halloween’s story on twee villain Dolores Umbridge. Then, of course, there’s Pottermore, which is packed with background stories on characters in Rowling’s universe.

The stories will run starting Dec. 12, and each installment will be posted at 8:00 am EST.

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