Paste's Favorite Hellboy Guest Artists

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There’s no doubt that Mike Mignola’s version of Hellboy is the quintessential interpretation of the beloved character, rendered in angular lines and impenetrable streams of ink. But Mignola also has a profound eye for talent outside of his own faculties.

As the Hellboy universe has grown to other miniseries, one-shots and offshoot titles like B.P.R.D. and Abe Sapien, Mignola has recruited artists who not only maintain the soul of the property, but stretch it in unique directions as well. Alex Maleev is proving to be an exceptional fit on Hellboy and the B.P.R.D and next week’s Hellboy: Weird Tales hardcover collects the work of many of these collaborators in one volume.

Paste looked back at Hellboy’s expansive history and picked a few of our favorite artists in the gallery above. Let us know your favorite Hellboy artists in the comments below.