The Bright and Playful World of Kitiya Palaskas

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Australia-based artist Kitiya Palaskas is making waves with her arts and crafts projects. Having collaborated with craft giant Etsy, mags like Frankie Magazine, and pop culture phenoms like Lily Allen and Wolfmother, it’s safe to say that Palaskas has staying power.

Describing her art style as “craft-based design,” Palaskas uses bright colors, whimsical motifs and a playful spirit to create a whole collection of crafts. There are felted banners, hand-made piñatas, 3D school supplies out of paper, and vibrant pom-poms meant to be worn as necklaces. They’re props for the perfect party—if the party was hosted by Martha Stewart’s funky cousin and pizza was on the menu.

With an eye for the colorful and turning 2D into the 3D, Palaskas was the perfect choice to commemorate the sales of Lily Allen’s latest record Sheezus. The banner she created is made entirely of felt, and was cut with precision. Says Palaskas on her blog, “I’m most proud of the tiny hand-cut letters!”

Whatever Palaskas does next, you can be sure a colorful parade will follow, glittery piñata in tow.