Kathryn Bigelow's New Short Film Raises Awareness On Ivory-Funded Terrorism

Warning: graphic images appear in the film.

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Oscar-winning filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty) is lending her vision to a worthy cause in her latest short film—the director has released the chilling animated short Last Days to help combat elephant poaching and ivory-funded terrorism.

The graphic animated video was directed with a script from Scott Z. Burns with a collaboration from concept designer Samuel Michlap. In it, the viewer is taken through the process of how elephant poaching and the sale of ivory items serves as a monetary source for terrorist groups such as Boko Haram, the Lord’s Resistance Army and al-Shabab. Bigelow has released the film and launched a website to raise awareness for the cause to protect endangered elephants as well as many innocent people.

“An elephant disappears every 15 minutes,” Bigelow told Variety. “It is our hope that this film helps to bring an activist into existence at least that often.”

Bigelow also talked to Variety about her decision to turn to animation for the project.

“To make a feature film about such a topic would likely take years during which more elephants would die, so instead I approached a team of fellow filmmakers and we made Last Days as an animated piece, which we thought would give it a broader audience (besides, the internet is filled with graphic images of slaughtered elephants and yet the killing continues.) There are real things we can all do to stop wild elephants from disappearing from our world while cutting off funding for some of the world’s most notorious terrorist networks.”

You can watch the short film in the video player below and learn more about the campaign at this website.

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