2014’s Best-selling Comic Books and Graphic Novels Revealed

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Diamond Comic Distributors named Marvel ComicsAmazing Spider-Man #1 the best-selling comic book of 2014. The comic earned its titular top spot based on total unit sales to comic specialty retailers. Marvel itself also edged out DC Entertainment as top comic book publisher, and claims nine of the ten top comics. Marvel also nabbed 44 additional comics in the top 100.


The third volume of Saga (Image Comics) was the most popular graphic novel according to Diamond’s same ranking methods. The first installment also took second place with writer Brian K. Vaughan and illustrator Fiona Staples almost clearing the third spot as well, but were trumped by trade paperback The Walking Dead, Volume 20: All Out War (Part 1).


The Walking Dead series also performed well in comic books, taking second place after Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man #1.

DC Entertainment was the second most popular comic publisher and sports an additional 43 comics in the 100 bestsellers. The company also celebrated its 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight and designated last year’s July 23 as Batman Day all across libraries and retailers.


Together, annual sales of comic books and graphic novels rose a combined 4.93% in 2014. Individually, graphic novels fared a little better with a rise of 5.18%, though comic books were not far behind at 4.03%.