Bezel & Bytes Brings Style to Wearable Tech

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With technology becoming more integrated into our daily routines via wearable gadgets such as the Fitbit and the upcoming Apple Watch, fashion has increasingly become the name of the game. For many consumers, it won’t matter how user-friendly the interface is, or how expansive the number of tasks a piece of tech can complete—if it makes you look like you stepped out of a 1950s sci-fi film, you probably won’t buy it.

Opening Ceremony’s MICA and Fitbit’s collaboration with Tory Burch were among the first to try to make the industry more hip and stylish, and another brand is joining the scene.

Bezels & Bytes, started by Sarah Shapiro and Melissa Koerner, came out of their desire to make the technology that has become a necessity in their lives also reflect their personal style. The San Francisco-based company makes bracelets and necklaces designed to hold the Fitbit Flex tracker, and come in a variety of styles from classic to edgy. Though their current products are specifically for the Fitbit Flex, their plan is to expand and build a tech-focused fashion brand.

Koerner was previously a marketer at Gap, and Shapiro was a buyer for Bloomingdale’s.

An Indiegogo campaign was launched on Jan. 21, with products shipping in early April if they meet their goal. You can support them at their page here.

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