Broad City Renewed For Third Season

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The second season of Broad City hasn’t even started yet (we have like eleven or so hours still) but Comedy Central has already renewed it for a third season, according to The Wrap. This is a smart and unsurprising call by Comedy Central, who could have a legitimate mainstream breakout hit on its hands if the popular cult show can keep both its quality and its ear-busting buzz going.

I haven’t watched any of the second season yet, but hopefully it can keep up the pace of last year. Also hopefully the internet doesn’t turn and lash back just because people love the show and websites try hard to service that love. Go to any entertainment or culture website today and you’ll see Broad City reviews and think pieces and probably ads everywhere an ad could possibly fit. Avoid the urge to hate a thing just because it is prominent and just because you are on the internet and just because those two things always lead to comically exaggerated reactions on either end of the spectrum, and actually let this show disappoint you before turning on it. If season two is good, it’s good. If not, I’m sure everybody will let the internet know.

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