Dragon Age: Inquisition Tavern Songs Available for Free Download

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BioWare is releasing the best songs Thedas has to offer. The tales of the bards heard in Skyhold’s tavern are now available for free download for a limited time. BioWare will be releasing ten of the most popular tunes with each track’s sheet music available for those willing to give their own renditions of the tales of the land.

A Dragon Age Fan Celebration Contest will be held where fans will be able to submit various artworks, music compositions, videos, cosplay costumes or other forms of expression to show their loyalty to the award-winning role-playing fantasy game.

The rewards listed on the website are as follows:

Grand Prize:
Xbox One  Console, Dragon Age: Inquisition – Inquisitor’s Edition, Dragon Age: Inquisition game signed by Dev Team, Dragon Age t-shirt.

Second to Fifth Place Prizes:
Poster signed by Dev Team, Dragon Age: Inquisition – Inquisitor’s Edition

Fans of the series must act fast if they hope to get in on the free downloads. The content will only be available until Feb. 29. Once the free downloads have been taken down, they will become available for purchase on popular digital platforms.

The songs of the bards are performed by singer/songwriter Elizaveta Khripounova, better known as Elizaveta. She is an accomplished Russian-American pianist whose previous works include her self-titled EP as well as the 2012 release of Beatrix Runs. The songs were written by film and television composer Raney Shockne (Anger Management, The Back-Up Plan).

The tavern songs have been in high demand by players since the launch of Inquisition in November of last year. With the free downloads, players will finally be able to own the music of Thedas serenaded to them by the soothing voices of the bards.

For more information on the tavern songs and sheet music, visit the official blog of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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