Freezy Freakies, Color-Changing Gloves from the '80s, Are Back

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The ‘80s are a gift that keep on giving. In yet another attempt to preserve time in 1986 and live in a perpetual state of technicolor leggings and hairspray, the well-loved Freezy Freakies—gloves with amazing, temperature-sensitive color-changing capabilities—have been resurrected via a Kickstarter campaign.

The project isn’t making any bones about the fact that this isn’t some attempt to give the ‘80s kids a chance to share in on their childhood experiences with their own children; the main selling point of the campaign is the fact that you can now buy them in adult sizes and keep that ‘80s train rolling.

As of now, the Kickstarter has reached well over their goal amount of $10,000, and if you make a donation of $29 or more, you can get a pair of your own, with either unicorns, turbo, fighter jets or ski alpine designs. The new-and-improved Freezy Freakies also include modern innovations such as a soft microfleece lining, so they will now actually serve a non-fashion purpose and keep those hands warm. Check out the Kickstarter for the full details of the resurrection, and be sure to donate.

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