Maggie Vessey: Your New Workout Fashion Inspiration

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We’re a few days into 2015 and our New Year’s Resolutions, made in such good faith and positive resolve, are already starting to falter. Yes, we all said we’d get in shape this year, but how much progress have we made in that direction? And the image of our sweaty, flabby bodies drenching that complimentary Planet Fitness t-shirt as we toil uselessly at the gym isn’t helping any.

Luckily, Maggie Vassey is there to show us a better way. When New Balance didn’t renew her contract , Vassey decided that her freedom from their uniform meant that she could design her own running togs. Working with with fashion designer Merlin Castell, Vassey created a series of stunning outfits. Considering her competitors often dress in blocks of primary colors or, if they’re feeling saucy, racing stripes, Vassey’s mix of colors and patterns stand out on the track.

“What I wear is a very authentic expression of who I am,” Vassey told Runner’s World. “I see it as an art.”

While few of us are daring enough wear a striped off-the shoulder leotard to work out in, perhaps treating ourselves to something more personally authentic to wear to the gym is just the motivation we need to keep on those resolutions on track!

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