Straight From the Horse's Mouth: Sean Moeller's Daytrotter Picks for 1/26/15

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Straight From the Horse's Mouth: Sean Moeller's Daytrotter Picks for 1/26/15

It was a good week. It’s always a good week. Next, you will find the best of the best postings on Daytrotter last week.



Some days you hit the bar early. If you’re feeling lazier than that, you hit the refrigerator early. You’re just feeling the need to chip away or dull the edge some. It’s been nothing but a bleary-eyed ordeal all day, and you’ve been knocked back or onto your heels and you’re just looking to get back onto some solid footing. There’s that need to just pull the plug and slump down into your spot on the couch. You’re done and the day’s finished, whether it wants to be or not. You’re not talking any more callers. Something in this set of songs from this exemplary new band out of Sweden, made up members of Dungen, Miike Snow, Idiot Wind and Little Majorette, tells us that they’re with us. They’ve been heading to happy hour a little early, every day for years, and when you’re doing that, there’s something soggy in the air. It’s okay though cause you’re out there feeling shit, and that’s more than most people do. A song like “Duvan,” a standout here and sure to be one of the finest songs I’ll hear all year, makes you feel as if you’re headed straight for a situation where you’re liable to melt into a pool of what used to be you. There’s going to be nothing left of you when this one’s faded into the darkness. Good riddance to us. Check out Amason’s session here.

Johnny Appleseed


This group of badass players from Nashville is quickly becoming the go-to backing band for formidable country songwriters in that town, but on their own, Johnny Appleseed are already a legitimate force in that brand of country music that the city’s musical heritage was founded on. The songs settle on those themes of scary vulnerable, two-timing love and all of the grey areas that pop up when two people get it in their heads that they should get naked with each other and not have any of their shit change. Love and sex are never that easy, and dudes should know that by now, but whatever. It’s still great to hear songs about all those travails. Listen to Johnny Appleseed’s session here.

The Haunted Windchimes


This group from Pueblo, Colorado, gives us the feeling of daybreak, or of a midnight out in the graveyard, soaking in all of the spirits and past lives of hundreds of people at peace in the ground. It’s one of those ways that you can pack a little body into a soul. These are songs of sweet shinings and those things that we aspire to when we see the light. Check out The Haunted Windchimes’ session here.

Dinner And A Suit


One listen to a Dinner and a Suit song and you’re awash in the multitude of ways that we can become overwhelmed as individuals, when we start to think that we could take on more in the way of connectivity. We always run the risk of just not being able to sustain the impact of bringing another person into our close proximity. Listen to Dinner and a Suit’s session here.

Boxed In


Oli Bayston, the main man behind this London-based electronic band, has created a world where if feels like there might be little sleeping being done. It’s a place that’s been warped into a version of living that’s all done with scratchy eyes and a little bit of a buzz. There’s no telling what’s going to happen next, when the page turns. It might be more of the same, or it could be something that makes the pulse quicken and start acting up. Check out Boxed In’s session here.

There wasn’t a lot of time to roam and explore around the shadowy parts of the musical landscape this week, but I was still able to stumble upon some nice gems. Here are a few of the great ones that you should check out this week: Samuel Proffitt, Logan Vath, Forest and the Evergreens, Equals (taping them soon in London!), Kaleo (for all those woodsy Bon Iver lovers out there), Grey Lands and Remi. Now get out there and have yourself a week!