The Best Sports Movies Bracket: Final Four and Title Match!

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The Elite Eight round has come to an end, and I deserve some kind of award, because every single 1-seed advanced into the Final Four. On one hand, that means the opening rounds were at least slightly predictable. On the other, it sets us up for a serious clash of the juggernauts from here on out. I can safely say, with no exaggeration, that this will be the best Final Four in Paste bracket history. BAR NONE!

We also have one representative each from four different sports: Basketball, boxing, baseball, and golf. Also, these movies are relatively old, spanning the years 1976—1989, and that was pretty much true of the Elite 8 as well, with only White Men Can’t Jump cracking the ‘90s. I’m not sure what this proves, except that Obama probably needs to form a sports movies task force to investigate what we’re doing wrong.

Soon we’ll ask you to vote for the Final Four and championship winners, but first, let’s revisit yesterday’s results. Here’s the updated bracket…as always, click the image to enlarge.


1. Hoosiers def. 6. White Men Can’t Jump, 74.3%—25.7%

This was the beginning of a rough day for Wesley Snipes, who went 0-2 and got eliminated entirely from the bracket, just as Paul Newman did a day before. It never seemed like any film in the Hoosiers Region had a shot to unseat the top seed, and the huge margin of victory here—the biggest of the day—pretty much proves that point. It was a good run for the 6-seed, but you can only stay in the zone for so long.

1. Rocky def. 2. The Natural, 61.5%—38.5%

A spirited showing, but Rocky is the most iconic sports film of all time. When you’re that good, you’re that good, and there’s not much anyone can do about it, and this is one scoreboard even Roy Hobbs couldn’t break.

1. Caddyshack def. 3. Major League, 64.9%—35.1%

Again, predictable. Major League is an all-time great, but Caddyshack is iconic. I still say Wild Thing and Willie Mays Hayes are two of the funniest sports movie characters ever, though, and Bob Uecker is so brilliant that I wonder if he should have been a full-time actor instead of a real announcer.

1. Field of Dreams def. 2. Raging Bull, 60.3%—39.7%

I had a feeling this one might be a bit closer, if only because Raging Bull has a lot of merit beyond the sports aspect, but Costner, apparently furious that Tin Cup and Bull Durham were both knocked out by Hoosiers, dominated Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci as he fought his way to a potential championship re-match.

Now, we preview the final battles…



I have no idea, gang. No idea how to pick this one. It’s insane to even try. Here, have some iconic YouTube moments:


Maybe the next one will be easier?


Nope! Even harder, because now we have to choose between a comedy and a drama, both of them classics. How about two more videos?


And now we vote, my friends. Because we want to announce the winner tomorrow, you’ll vote in both Final Four matches, and then four theoretical championship matches. That way, we can determine the overall winner and celebrate them on Friday. Vote now, and check back then to see which sports movie rules them all!

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