"The Dark Side of Album Art" Imagines The Backsides of Iconic Records

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Album covers often become iconic visual representations of the music contained within the record sleeve. They are pieces to be held and interacted with, with even the power to transport listeners to the state of mind in which they first heard the record or saw it in a store.

Visual artist Harvezt has something different in mind when it comes to the album covers that are most iconic; they are pieces to be lived in rather than just held. Harvezt has released the stellar “Dark Side of Album Art” series on flickr, where some of the most iconic album covers are re-imagined with back-sides that complete what has until now been only half the story of the art. Each cover is intricately designed to represent feasible (and wonderful) perspectives of what could be going on behind the cover.

Head over to Harvezt’s flickr for the full series and flip through some of the best imaginings in the gallery above.