The nuSchool: A Breath of Fresh Air for Freelance Designers

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Getting started as a freelancer is hard—where do you find clients? How much do you charge? How should you market yourself? You may have a degree in design, but the left-hand side of your brain is seriously lacking in the numbers and figures department.

The folks at the nuSchool have put together a class for designers that examines the complexities of doing business as a creative-type. They answer real questions designers have on a daily basis, and do so in a fun, approachable way. Most designers know the adage of not to bill on an hourly basis because it devalues the work, and to bill based on value, but, what’s the value? How do you calculate it? How do you influence others to value your work in the first place?

In addition to videos, the nuSchool comes with a real, interactive toolkit to answer (or at least shed some light on) the tough questions—for instance, they have a calculator that asks you several questions about your upcoming project, and then actually spits out a suggested rate for the completed work. They have downloadable PDF guides that clearly and expertly outline proposals, step by step guides to pricing, and so on. Never again will you feel lost or in the dark about running your creative talent as a business.

The Designer’s Pricing Class launches today—for more information on how to register and to see free video samples, head over to the nuSchool website.