12 Remarkably Designed Coffee Shop and Coffee Company Logos

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It’s the elixir of life, the combater of sleep, and most importantly (the northern folk understand this) the beverage keeping us warm these winter mornings. It’s coffee. Some of us prefer to save a few bucks and brew our favorite roasts at home. While others find it more convenient to hit the drive-thru Dunkin or Starbucks down the road. Either way, the vast majority of us consumes some form of coffee. But, for those who choose the drive-thru and local shop option, how do you pick where you go? Is it as simple as proximity? Perhaps it’s the taste and the atmosphere.

While it may be some mixture of all three, there’s also a little thing called branding. Whether you realize it or not, the way a company portrays itself has a direct effect on the clientele it attracts. Coffee shops are no different. With supporting local coffee shops being “in” right now, owners need to make sure their logo resonates with the target consumer. Check out these 12 fantastic coffee shop and coffee company logos while you sip on your favorite cup o’ joe this morning.