Habit Journal Allows You To Carry Your Progress Around

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Forming good habits isn’t easy. How many times have you gone to bed without brushing your teeth? Or given up on a planned exercise regime? Or sworn you’d never get into another argument on the internet, only to be dragged back in over something you’d dismiss if it was said to your face? While we all want to be better people, it can be difficult to picture our progress. Even if we’re close to a goal, unless you can see it, its hard to believe it.

Jerry Seinfeld  once gave advice about not breaking the chain, putting a “X” on the calendar for every day you do a task, and keeping that chain of “X”s going all year. Chris Kyle does Seinfeld one better with his Habit Journal, a book that contains area for daily progress notation, but also areas for weekly reflection. All packaged in a rather handsome journal.

But Kyle realizes that packaging isn’t everything, which is why the lowest backer tier is a printable PDF of Habit Journal. Kyle will even give you the PDF for free if you share the Kickstarter and send him a screenshot. Let’s see Jerry Seinfeld do that.

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