Katy Perry to Perform with Domestic Violence Activist at Grammys

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Katy Perry  was on fire during her Super Bowl XLIX half-time performance and is poised to bring that blaze to the stage of the 57th Grammy Awards, though in a slightly different way.

Perry is set to perform her empowerment ballad “By the Grace of God” with domestic violence survivor and activist Brooke Axtell, who will perform a spoken-word piece.

The concept comes from Grammy Producer Ken Ehrlich, who became inspired to speak out on the issue after a council meeting with White House officials.

In People, Ehrlich said, “It is one thing to have Katy sing, but why would we not want to accompany it with someone’s personal experience who could humanize [domestic violence] and make it relatable to millions of men and women who are survivors.”

With the release of her album Prism, Perry detailed in an interview with Billboard that the song came from her own suicide contemplation after her well-publicized divorce from comedian Russell Brand.

Katy Perry’s power anthem “Roar” also became an anthem for female body image. When a burlesque dancer used the song for a routine in which she literally peeled away words like “fat” and “cellulite” off of her body, the Perry tune transformed into a song not just about overcoming breakup blues, but about self-love and self-worth.

Of the collaboration, Axtell said, “It’s an honor to collaborate with Katy in this way. She has been very devoted to various aspects of female empowerment. It’s going to bring a lot of encouragement and freedom to those who hear my story and know that they are not alone in this.”

The Grammy Awards will air this Sunday, Feb. 8, at 8 P.M. EST on CBS.