Listen: Sun Kil Moon Covers Led Zeppelin's "Sick Again"

Music Audio Sun Kil Moon
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It’s nice to remember, now and again, that Mark Kozelek is an actual musician who plays actual music. His petulant, envy-laced Twitter campaign against The War on Drugs late last year gave him all the artistic stature of a jealous, screaming child, and probably soured his image for a lot of fans. But, hey! Everyone makes mistakes, the past is the past, bygones are bygones, and etc. This year has gotten off to a better start with the announcement that his new album Universal Themes is coming out on June 2, and now, courtesy of MOJO magazine, we can listen to him cover Led Zeppelin’s “Sick Again” to honor the 40th anniversary of Physical Graffiti, their sixth studio album.

Take a listen: