London Church to Display Statue of Pete Doherty as Crucified Christ

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A statue of Pete Doherty, who’s known more for his offstage antics than as the frontman of the Libertines, will be displayed in a London church.

The statue, entitled “For Pete’s Sake,” will be displayed along with other depictions of the Passion at London’s St. Marylebone Parish Church from Feb. 19 through March 17.

“For Pete’s Sake” was created back in 2008 by Doherty’s friend and artist Nick Reynolds as a representation of Doherty’s “crucifixion” in the media.

Reverend Canon Stephen Evans agreed to the display of “For Pete’s Sake” because he believes the statue could “help visitors to the exhibition stop and reflect not only Christ’s Passion and Resurrection and what this means, but also to stop and reflect on what in their own lives leads to death or to life,” says Consequence of Sound.

The art show, “Stations of the Cross,” will benefit the Missing Tom Fund. The fund is named after exhibit creator Ben Moore’s brother, who disappeared in 2003.

The Libertines are set to tour this summer.