New App Calculates the Odds of Your Flight Going Down

Apparently it will also cure your fear of flying ...

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New App Calculates the Odds of Your Flight Going Down

For many with aviophobia (fear of flying), a white-knuckle ride in the sky isn’t contingent on numbers. The statistics on the safety of air travel are in our favor, but still one in six Americans reported a fear of flying.

The recently released “Am I Going Down” app from London-based developers Vanilla Pixel aims to show those doubtful flyers that the numbers really don’t lie.

Using flight statistics and different variables like departure/arrival airports and type of aircraft, “Am I Going Down?” attempts to predict the odds of your plane crashing.

While this may sound grim, the app’s intention is to calm nervous fliers by using basic statistics to exemplify just how safe flying really is. Nic Johns, developer and co-founder of Vanilla Pixel, told the Daily ?Mail in a recent interview that “Am I Going Down?” was inspired by his wife’s fear of flying.

?Johns developed “Am I Going Down” in February 2014. Daily ?Mail reports that after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared the following month, Vanilla Pixel decided to postpone the release for nearly a year, which makes us wonder how confident they are in their product. The app was sent to Apple for approval and released just days after AirAsia QZ8501 crashed. While you could argue that Johns can’t seem to get his timing right with the app’s release, in many ways, it could not have come at a better time for nervous fliers.

We’re not entirely sure what to think of this product. We want honesty, but we definitely don’t want to be sitting on a plane looking at an app that says we have a 37 percent chance of dying. Plus, predicting air safety is a big responsibility for one meager app developer to take on …

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Lauren Kilberg is a freelance writer and blogger residing in Chicago. You can follow her at @laurenkilberg or on her blog Double Takes.