NiK Kacy Launches Gender-Neutral Shoe Collection On Kickstarter

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NiK Kacy truly went the distance for footwear. After finding it very difficult to find a pair of shoes that fit his particular style and size, Kacy, who identifies as gender-fluid or third sex, decided to quit his job at Google and fly over to Europe to start designing the shoes he had been searching for.

The NiK Kacy Footwear collection just recently launched on Kickstarter, with this first one being called Fortune and consisting of five gender-neutral shoe styles: the Classic Derby, the Wingtip Derby, the Desert Boot, the Dress Boot and the Monk Boot.

The current line leans towards androgynous, butch and masculine-of-center in its style, but Kacy promises that they plan to introduce traditionally feminine and non-traditional styles in the future.

Sizes range from 36 through 44, which translates to women’s 5.5 to men’s 11. The shoes are also made ethically and in humane work environments.

Kacy states that his mission with his footwear collection is “to show the shoe industry that our community matters and that style should not be defined by gender.”

You can donate to their Kickstarter here.






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