Ride a Helicopter Over Manhattan for Only $99

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Ride a Helicopter Over Manhattan for Only $99

You can now see NYC from above for the meager price of $99. The newest contender in ridesharing Gotham Air, flies travelers to their flight, like a baller, in about six minutes via helicopter. Chances are you’ll get a sick view of the city at on the way. Don’t people pay like hundreds of dollars for that kind of experience?

Gotham Air officially launched yesterday in New York City. The service will take riders from Manhattan to Newark or JFK airport for $99-$219. The website as well as the mobile site are currently open for bookings now, with the app to launch in the coming days.

So, how does it work Well, presumably you just hop onto the website or the app and look for an available trip. But, there’s a catch—at least three other people will have to book the same trip as you in order for the flight to leave the ground.

This Uber-copter, if you will, hooks commuters with its price, and the fact that at that price, not only are you getting to your destination, you are seeing NYC from an amazing perspective. Gotham Air offers $99 flights for first time flyers, but only if they book a flight that leaves at noon or 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Currently, charters run from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., but Gotham Air CEO Tim Hayes hopes to make this service available 24-hours a day. With Newark Liberty Airport and JFK the only available destinations at the time, public reaction to the service is sure to dictate if expansion is in Gotham Air’s future.

The idea of catching a helicopter ride the airport seems a bit absurd, but if you have the money to drop on it, more power to you. Maybe we are finally entering the era where ‘The Jetsons’ is becoming reality. Pretty soon we might not need these ridesharing apps after all because we will have our own flying cars.