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Calling all my basic betches! If you have been living under a rock and somehow have not seen Comedy Central’s Broad City, check it. Based on the lives of these oh-so-average mid-twenties women, Abbi and Ilana are making it the best they can with the best they got. And like all good pairs, there is a style to their madness.

Crop tops, knee-high socks and daytime lingerie only scratch the surface to Broad City’s look. The show may focus on the main duo and their dead-on portrayal of the struggle, but Broad City also captures a snapshot of this generation’s look perfectly—highlighting supporting characters and everyone’s individual style. While Abbi and Ilana dress on opposite ends of the spectrum, what works is their compatible vibe and go with it attitude. They make a great team and for bffs, that is all anyone needs to survive in a world where seafood allergies, forgotten condoms and clogged toilets are around every corner.

Even with these daily hurdles, the women of Broad City manage to make the best of it, and keep us laughing while doing so. So check out the style guide below for key looks from the show and get after it. In the words of Ilana: Yass! Yass! Yass!

10. Bevers and Gym Chic


Bevers may not be the most fashionable character on the show. He may even be considered the rankest—two words: couch sores—but, when he does choose to wear clothes instead of a towel, Abbi’s roommate’s boyfriend does indeed highlight a slight fashion trend threaded throughout Broad City: Gym Chic, emphasis on the gym. Bevers’s look features vintage striped baseball tees, sweatbands and knee-high socks. Even Ilana gets into the sporty game with her pants of a mostly spandex persuasion. Still, the clothes do not make the player. As we all witnessed during his failed attempt at Soulstice, Bevers may be best left, unfortunately for Abbi, on the couch.

If you want to kick it with Ilana and Bevers in classic knee-high striped baseball socks, check out these from American Apparel.

bcitem10.jpg Photo via American Apparel

9. Pam’s Down to Business Blouse


We have all met a Realtor Pam. She may not have been a realtor. She may not have been quite as spunky as Amy Sedaris, but where there is teased hair with frosted tips, an outdated yet persistent two piece pantsuit and a silk, psychedelic patterned button down blouse, it is safe to say you have a Pam on your hands. A hustler by nature, any character that can top Ilana and Abbi’s stories, i.e. sleeping in coffins and twelve suzy stitches, well, we have got to give the woman credit for keeping on. And you know, those silk blouses truly are work appropriate, especially when they peek out from beneath a blazer with shoulder pads.

To emulate a Pam and get your hustle on, try this Equipment Blouse from Bloomingdale’s.

bcitem9.jpg Photo via Bloomingdale’s

8. Ilana’s Lipstick


Ilana’s look evolves daily and though she may not swath her lips in thick, goth black lipstick again, we will never unsee the oversized jersey, spandex tie-dye shorts and matching lip color either. This outfit epitomizes Ilana’s fashion “risks” and bold choices, the same as when she wore her grandpa sweater, t-shirt vest and glasses to the tax man’s office, or when she temped at a temp agency in men’s briefs, distressed jeans and pigtails. Two parts fantasy, one part edge with mobility in mind, Ilana’s look is definitely a game changer, and her playful nature makes it all the more hilarious.

Gucci’s Dark Romance Lipstick is a great way to test run Ilana’s subtle shoutout to Raider’s Fans everywhere.

bcitem8.jpg Photo via Gucci

7. Todd’s Startup Denim


Deals Deals Deals NYC should probably change their name to Denim Denim Denim NYC with all the jean jacket and jean short love roaming the floor. Ilana’s employer, Todd, may get on her case about her lack of sales, but his acid wash look defines the casual yet focused startup vibe. Much like Ilana’s penchant for inappropriate work attire, such as a “napkin for a shirt” and a “white power suit,” the office environment is ripe with fashion opportunity, and we cannot take our eyes off of Todd’s next inspiring choice as he rallies the troops once more, broken pinky splint and all.

If you are in search of just the right jean jacket deal, this Lee Denim Jacket from ASOS has the goods.

bcitem7.jpg Photo via ASOS

6. Abbi’s Crossbody Bag


Abbi’s style definitely lingers in the girl next door category. With lots of layers, skinny jeans and classic white Keds, Abbi’s All-American basics are easy-going and cute. One facet to this look both women share is the crossbody shoulder bag. Usually made of imitation leather and slouchy as hell, this bag allows a day at work to devolve into an escapade to the office supply store, a trek to the park to busk for extra cash and beyond. The perfect kind of bag to lose your phone in, these shoulder strap bags are a key essential to anyone trying to get by in the big city. Who knows what you will be able to fit in there?

One crossbody shoulder bag we adore, and think Abbi will dig, too, is ModCloth’s Merry to Carry bag.

bcitem6.jpg Photo via ModCloth

5. Lincoln’s Casual Cool


Lincoln Rice is a gem. Not only is he a straight-shooter able to deal with everything Ilana—and Abbi for that matter—throws his way, but he is a dentist, which is clutch when you snap a veneer on a jawbreaker or are in need of some extra laughing gas. Best of all, aside from his pristine smile, Lincoln has the preppy menswear look down to a science. His flashy button downs topped with a simple hoodie and straight leg pants with sleek black-rimmed glasses is one hundred percent the definition of casual cool. Needless to say, we would not be even a little mad at Ilana if she took her and Lincoln’s relationship past the “purely physical.”

This Dot-print Cotton Shirt via H&M has Lincoln’s name written all over it.

bcitem5.jpg Photo via H&M

4. Ilana and her Crops


Much like Ilana, her crop top fetish is over the top but perfectly her. No matter the bottom—whether high-waisted American Apparel floral denim or matching skirt set—it just is not a day if Ilana is without a crop top. Well, that and a little pizza. I hear the kids are calling it pizza these days.

Floral, printed or one color, Ilana’s crop tops know no bounds. This Cadence Floral Crop Top from Azalea is just the right combination of demure and feisty ‘90s grunge.

bcitem4.jpg Photo via Azalea

3. Jaimé and his Infinity Scarves


Ilana’s roommate and our favorite undocumented immigrant Jaimé has arguably the best fashion sense on the show. His color palette leans toward rich browns and navy, but who can forget those crimson corduroys either? Jaimé’s true strength lies with accessories, though. His long strand pendant necklace and messenger bag are just the tip of the iceberg. Scarves are definitely his signature, and please, go chunky or don’t bother.

For a pretty thing, like one of Jaimé’s scarves, the Paula Bianco Chunky Infinity Scarf from Revolve will do the trick.

bcitem3.jpg Photo via Revolve

2. Statement Dresses


Whether for a birthday dinner at a “fancy-ass” restaurant or a swanky party in SoHo, when the women dress up, their look is all about the statement. By now, both Ilana’s ‘90s Madonna braided ponytail weave and Abbi’s cobalt blue bandage dress are not only iconic, but infamous. Like a lucky rabbit’s foot, you know shiz is about to go down when the girls step out in their finest. We can only hope to see those outfits again, and soon! Just hope they don’t forget the EpiPen.

For a night to remember, try this Bandage Mini Dress from ASOS.

bcitem2.jpg Photo via ASOS

1. Ilana and her Daytime Lingerie


Ilana’s penchant for daytime lingerie and caged bralettes is enviable and so strikingly her, we adore the trend. Instead of overtly sexual, the peekaboo lattice work is just another accessory to Ilana’s ever-changing look. With her signature wild-girl curls, Ilana mixes Cyndi Lauper and hipster resale with a grungy throw it on and go attitude. Ilana’s style is our spirit animal and we absolutely cannot wait to see what she puts on next.

To give your crop top a little extra oompf, the Silence and Noise Alexis Strappy Soft Bra from Urban Outfitters is sure to take you there.

bcitem1.jpg Photo via Urban Outfitters

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