The Brand Deck Lets You Deal With Who You Are

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It’s difficult to find oneself. Even in this Golden Age of Introspection, where social media has made sharing any and every thought that may pass through our heads, exactly who we are and where we should best be focusing our energies is a complicated issue. Though the term has been overused to the point of nausea, finding one’s “brand,” the primary combination of elements of what makes up you and what you do, is not an easy thing to do.

This is where Simple.Honest.Work. ’s Brand Deck comes in. A collection of cards with with contrasting terms on each side, the Brand Deck has you sort these terms whether they apply to you, don’t apply, or are simply not applicable in a branding sense.


While this seems simple enough, the Brand Deck’s creators say that it is when a group of people go through these decks together that it really comes together. By reducing the complex nature of who you are and what you do to a limited vocabulary of terms, the Brand Deck makes sure everyone starts at the same place.

There’s still some days left to get on the Brand Deck’s Kickstarter, and they’re also offering a Not Safe For Work edition, with help from Cards Against HumanityMax Temkin.

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