The Most Important Video You'll Watch Today: Eugene Mirman Reviews Farts

Comedy Video Eugene Mirman
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If you’re a comedy fan, you’ve probably heard of Eugene Mirman, the vaguely Russian-seeming stand-up comic famous for his roles on shows like Delocated and Bob’s Burgers. What you didn’t know—what you couldn’t know—was the staggering magnitude of his genius.

When Vulture sat down with him to discuss one of society’s most pressing issues, Mirman transformed before our eyes from mere comedian to towering intellectual. When the two minutes were up, he had become the first American savior since Abraham Lincoln.

TRIGGER WARNING: Some of these truths may be hard for certain people to hear, and others may rock the foundations on which we’ve built our entire identities. Nevertheless, it’s important that we listen—really listen—before it’s too late. I’m tempted to compare him to some of our more important religions icons, but that would be unfair—to Mirman.

“A real fart, at a real restaurant? What could be better?”

—Eugene Mirman, Feb. 6, 2015

What, indeed.