Watch Jon Stewart and WWE Wrestler Seth Rollins Tussle on The Daily Show

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It would be the most amazing thing ever if Jon Stewart left The Daily Show, which has brought him an extreme amount of acclaim and gravitas, to go work for Vince McMahon’s WWE. That’s almost definitely not going to happen, but Stewart is poised to make an appearance at Wrestlemania XXXI in March. The soon-to-be-former host of Comedy Central’s satirical news show is a long-time wrestling fan, occasionally mentioning WWE storylines on his program and inviting former WWE wrestler Mick Foley on as a commentator multiple times. Earlier this month current WWE superstar Seth Rollins mentioned Stewart’s departure from The Daily Show on Monday Night Raw, which prompted a response from the comedian. At that point rumors began to swirl at wrestling news sites that Stewart would be appearing at Wrestlemania, and although that hasn’t been officially confirmed, what happened on The Daily Show during last night’s “Moment of Zen” indicates there’s more cross-promotion in store.

As you can see in the clip above, Rollins has clearly been taking lessons from Solomon Crowe, the wrestling hacker with a fetish for outdated technology. After hijacking the video feed during the Moment of Zen, Rollins sneaks up behind Stewart, leading to some (very delicate) physical interaction between the two. (TV show hosts don’t have the best history with WWE/WWF wrestlers) Stewart is now expected to show up at Raw this upcoming Monday, and could be involved in Rollins’ Wrestlemania match-up, perhaps as a cornerman for Rollins’ likely opponent Randy Orton. Any WWE appearances would no doubt be limited, though—as amazing as it would be to see Stewart appear full-time on Raw as a new authority figure or manager (you know he can probably rattle off some Grand Wizard promos off the top of his head) I’m sure the Rosewater director has more respectable work ahead of him.