A New Chris Rock Film is in The Works, Follow-up to Top Five

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With last year’s Top Five, Chris Rock was finally able to translate the unique voice in his acclaimed stand-up specials over into his filmmaking. And it looks like we won’t have to wait long to see what else the comedian has up his sleeves. In a groove after the film’s success, Rock revealed in an interview with Complex that he’s already working on his next film.

The actor/comedian talks about how he meets up with Scott Rudin (a producer on Top Five) “every week now going over this new movie. So yeah, he wants me to work at a faster pace. I can, I guess. I like doing movies. I’m doing another one soon with a lot of the same cast.”

That last piece of information seems to indicate that the follow-up would look something similar to Top Five. Rock continues, “Some people shine in Top Five. You might want to see a little more of Leslie Jones or Tracy [Morgan], once he gets better.” Any excuse to bring all these talented comedians and performers together is something we can get behind.

You can read the rest of Rock’s interview, including his thoughts on the top five rappers of 2015, the hit television show Empire and his process in doing comedy specials at Complex.

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