Double Fine Adventure! Documentary Shows the Woes of Creating Kickstarter Game Broken Age

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It’s been more than three years since 2 Player Productions and Double Fine Productions came together to launch one of the first hugely successful Kickstarter campaigns for a videogame. Originally going by the working title of Double Fine Adventure, the game would later be titled Broken Age and would follow two teenagers, Vella and Shay, who seek to break out from the overbearing traditions of which everyone else has grown accustomed. It was the first point-and-click adventure game for director Tim Schafer since the release of Grim Fandango in 1998. The game was set to be released in two acts. Act one came out in January of last year. Now with the second act set to be released later this year, the journey between the studios is nearing its end.

In celebration of the three year journey from crowdfunding project to a fully realized, critical success, the studios have recorded their greatest hurdles during the making of the game. A documentary titled The Double Fine Adventure! in honor of the game’s working title is set to premiere today on YouTube. The first three episodes will be available for your viewing pleasure today. After that, one episode will be posted to the official Double Fine Productions channel every Tuesday and Thursday.

Here’s the official synopsis for the documentary:

“A three-year journey spanning 18 (and counting) episodes, The Double Fine Adventure! chronicles the creation of Broken Age from a germ of an idea in Tim Schafer’s notebook to a finished game and beyond. Along the way, the team confronts production delays, internal strife and outside controversy in what is the most honest, in-depth look at video game development ever created. Previously exclusive to Double Fine’s Kickstarter backers, now everyone can share in the passion, humor and heartbreak of this landmark documentary series for free!”

The Double Fine Adventure! will also be viewable on, where it is currently available for the early bird price of $10 for the entire series. Automatic upgrades will also be added as new material becomes available. The extra features involved will include “closed captions, removal of spoiler blurs, deleted scenes, commentary tracks and bonus videos.” Early pricing ends with the release of act two of Broken Age. After the release of act two, pricing for the basic series will increase to $15 and $20 for the series with the extra bonus features.

To check out The Double Fine Adventure!, visit the official YouTube channel or visit the documentary’s website.

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