How to Get More Than $50 for that Logo Design

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Tired of getting offered a pittance for your genius logo designs? nuSchool founder Lior Frenkel has the solution for figuring out exactly how much you deserve to be paid for your hard work — and how to effectively campaign for it.

The whole thing started when Frenkel realized that the internet was sorely lacking consistent, actionable advice on pricing logos. “Asking Google something like ‘how to price a logo design?’ is like dealing with my soap-opera-addict-93-year-old-grandma after I turned her TV off and take away the remote,” he writes. So he decided to change that.

Frenkel’s guide to pricing logo designs is not a quick read — it’s highly detailed and comprehensive and totally worth your time. He offers tips on creating a design brief, researching the company, creating the concept, and doing a client presentation and revisions. Each section includes pro tips from folks like Brian Hoff and Jessica Hische as well as time estimates and links to various resources.

Ready to begin? Go here and use Frenkel’s handy dandy tool to estimate a price for that project you’re considering taking on.

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