Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Post-Production of Dennis Hopper’s Last Film

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Actor Dennis Hopper died back in 2010 after complications from prostate cancer, leaving his last project, The Last Film Festival to gather dust. However, the film may now reach completion with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign by the film’s director, Linda Yellen.

Yellen is known for Playing Time and The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana. Yellen met Hopper in 2008 at the Sundance Film Festival, and after pitching the project to the actor, shot the film the following year. Since Hopper’s death, The Last Film Festival remained stalled in the early stages of post-production. Yellen needs $90,000 to wrap the film.

“Dennis plays Nick Twain, a once legendary producer who now has the biggest flop on his hands,” Yellen told the Hollywood Reporter. “In a way it’s Birdman, isn’t it? An eternal story. He’s gotta rally the troops in this small town that thinks it should have a film festival, the O’Hi Film Festival — the only one who would have him with his flop—and use his gamesmanship and producer knowledge to turn around his failing career.”

Interest in Hopper’s last film attracted many who wished to capitalize on the actor’s death and, according to Yellen, alter key aspects of the film, including cutting scenes and changing Hopper’s voice.

“I certainly wasn’t going to cut corners at this point in my life to capitalize on a friend’s death. It had to be done right,” Yellen said.

Deadline for the $90,000 goal is April 9, with Yellen hoping to complete post-production in time for release this year.

Visit The Last Film Festival: Dennis Hopper’s Unseen Final Film for more information.

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