Listnr is a Home Automation Device With Ears

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Automating your home is already possible through a variety of different remotes and devices, but how about something that relies upon sound? That’s the thinking behind Listnr, the latest device that aims to make life seem a little more futuristic, as well as convenient.

At its simplest, it allows you to connect a smart light-bulb to it, thereby allowing you to turn the lights on or off by snapping your fingers. You can program Listnr to react to any kind of sound, such as a clap, snap, or a stomp of your feet—the latter being useful when your hands are full. Besides simply turning on or off, you can set up the gadget to change to specific colors if you so wish, setting the mood perfectly. It goes one step further, too.

It’ll also understand emotion from sounds, such as when your baby is communicating. Via a notification system, Listnr can tell if your baby is crying, laughing, screaming, or simply gurgling, soon sending you a heads up to your smart phone.

Perhaps, more importantly, Listnr offers a ton of potential with an API already existing that allows developers to adapt Listnr for a range of different external events. The hope is that with such a hackable design, Listnr’s uses can be expanded to cover all kinds of things, all conducted via the sounds you make.

With some cool potential in there, Listnr is currently available via a Kickstarter campaign;. For $99, you can grab an Early Bird special of a Listnr device, with that price rising to $119. If you want a limited edition color, you can pledge $129 for a cyan one, or $139 for light gray. The campaign has until March 7 to run.

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