Live Out Your Bruce Wayne Fantasies in this Batman-themed Motel Room

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Superhero lairs are cool places to be, whether it’s Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, or Bruce Wayne’s Batcave. Now, for $50, anyone can pretend to be Batman in his secret hideout for a few hours.

The Eden Motel in Taiwan offers a Batman-themed room complete with Batcave-textured walls, a Batbed, Batmobile seating, and even a Bat-TV.

Unfortunately, you can’t spend the night pretending to be the Dark Knight unless you want to spend a decent bit of cash. $50 only rents the room for three hours, as the Eden Motel is an exotic getaway hotel catering to hourly guests. In other words, this is the perfect place to bring your own Selina Kyle (or Dick Grayson) for a few hours of fun before a quick change of sheets for the next set of would-be superheroes.

According to the motel’s website, the suite also features a balcony, so your fantasies of pretending to see the Bat Signal and rushing to the rescue can finally be fulfilled. The motel also features an Alcatraz-themed room that could easily be Arkham Asylum, if you’re more interested in pretending to be the Joker, Harley Quinn or the Riddler.




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