Summer Forever: Mowgli Surf Is Revamping Surf Wear

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Mowgli Surf’s colorful goodies arrived at the Paste office in the midst of Georgia’s rare stretch of chilly days and warmed us up immediately. It’s no surprise, though. Apart from their bold designs and bright hand-dyed fabrics, two words come to mind when it comes to up and coming clothing brand Mowgli Surf: endless summer. And, really, who doesn’t want that?

Founded by twin brothers Philip and Alex Seastrom, who are both chief designers for the brand, Mowgli Surf paddles out to bring sunny west coast vibes to the rest of the world. Tired of the, well, tired surf designs of the 2000s, the California natives set out to revamp surf fashion. With degrees in Apparel Manufacturing Management from the Fashion Institute of Design of Merchandise in Los Angeles under their belts, they had the tools to do so.

Produced in limited quantities, Mowgli Surf is all in the details. The designs boast fun individual style, from unique dye jobs and statement stitching to handsewn buttons and hot off the screen screen prints. Every single piece is made in the U.S., and most are handmade with love. And, while the brand is geared towards guys, Mowgli Surf’s pieces are both cozy and cool enough for unisex wear, so don’t feel left out, ladies. We grabbed the 3 Stars t-shirt and Starry Starry Night Crew from their current spring 2015 catalog for our own closets and have, um, maybe not taken them off.

So, itching for a little summer in your wardrobe? Mowgli Surf’s summer and fall collections are in the works, but, until then, it’s giveaway time. Check out details on how to enter below, and more of the brand in our handmade gallery above. In the words of Mowgli Surf, “Be an enemy of the average.”

Mowgli Surf Giveaway: To enter, follow @PasteStyle on Twitter and retweet this tweet by 11:59 a.m. EST on Wednesday, March 4 for a chance to win a t-shirt, a sweatpant and a hat of your size from Mowgli Surf’s spring catalog. There will be one winner, and Mowgli Surf might even decorate your box super cool because they’re awesome like that.