New York Yankees Not Looking Forward to NYCFC Ruining Their Field

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We always fret about soccer teams having to literally share their turf with other sports, especially in the U.S. Yardage markers on the field in New England—sacrilege! But have you ever thought about it from the other sports team’s perspective?

With NYCFC’s home opener at Yankee Stadium just a few days away, New York Yankees players spoke to the Wall Street Journal about their concerns over sharing their field with David Villa and friends.

First Baseman Mark Teixeira told the WSJ that having soccer played on a baseball diamond on the regular is “terrible for a field,” and that sharing the stadium with NYCFC will “... definitely cause an issue, but it’s nothing that we can control, so we can’t worry about it.”

Infielder Brendan Ryan suggested that the turf being ripped up by soccer players might even force him to alter how he plays. “You want to limit the amount of bounces, really. So I’m going to fall on the side of erring aggressively—much, much more so than staying back and trying to read some hop that’s unpredictable. I’m going to be selling out to go get that ball, and I’m going to err on that side much more.”

Outfielder Garrett Jones was somewhat more optimistic. “It does chew up the grass a little bit, but our grounds crew is pretty good at getting it back in shape. It’s just going to be more work on them.”

NYCFC play their first home game this Sunday when they host New England. Maybe the Yankees grounds crew can ask NYCFC defensive midfielder Andrew Jacobson to go easy on the slide tackles when he’s around the infield?

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