The Star Wars Universe Is Getting Its First LGBTQ Character

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The galaxy is a vast and diverse place. There’s enough room for millions of potential lifeforms, all with varying perspectives and backgrounds. That’s why it’s all the more confusing that the world George Lucas created in 1977 is just now making strides in the LGBTQ community. Big Shiny Robo has reported that the Star Wars universe will introduce its first openly LGBTQ character in Paul S. Kemp’s upcoming novel Lords of the Sith.

The character’s name is Moff Mors, and according to the website she is “an Imperial who has made some very serious mistakes” but despite her past has managed to be “an incredibly capable leader and spends much of the book working hard to prevent absolute failure.” Moff Mors also happens to be a lesbian, making her the first officially LGBTQ character in the Star Wars cannon.

Although this news certainly goes a long way in integrating same-sex couples into the expansive Star Wars universe, this is not the first time that an LGBTQ character has been depicted in a galaxy far, far away. There was a gay female party member featured in BioWare’s Star Wars role-playing game Knights of the Old Republic. There is also reference to a same-sex Mandalorian couple in the nine book series Legacy of the Force. However, Moff Mors will mark the first fully realized LGBTQ character for the universe.

Shelly Shapiro, editor of Lords of the Sith, had the following to say about the character during a conversation on the Full of Sith podcast:

“This is certainly the first [LGBTQ] character in canon. But there was a gay Mandalorian couple, so it’s not brand new. It’s not something I really think about, it just makes sense. There’s a lot of diversity—there should be diversity in Star Wars. You have all these different species and it would be silly to not also recognize that there’s a lot of diversity in humans. If there’s any message at all, it’s simply that Star Wars is as diverse (or more so because they have alien species) as humanity is in real life and we don’t want to pretend it’s not. It just felt perfectly natural.”

Lords of the Sith will hit shelves on April 28.

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