What if Wes Anderson Directed an X-Men Movie?

Comics Video Wes Anderson
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That’s the question fan-filmmaker Patrick H. Willems was pondering, and he put together a pretty fantastic example of what it would look like if indie auteur Wes Anderson lent his unique style to the comic book franchise.

The short fan film centers around Bobby Drake (Iceman) as he prepares to join Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. The acting is hit-or-miss in places, but the overall tone and visual style are great riffs on Wes Anderson films. They even managed to shoot one scene in front of the house from The Royal Tenenbaums. A scale model was used to create many of the indoor scenes, similar to shots from various Anderson productions.

The director has done several other Alternate Universe Comic Book fan films, including Ingmar Bergman’s The Flash, Sergio Leone’s The Punisher and Tommy Wiseau’s Batman. You can watch them all below.