Little Caesars App Allows You to "Bacon-Wrap" Your Twitter Timeline

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Finally, the chance to escape the news nonsense, unsolicited observations and hashtags that take over your Twitter feed is here. When Little Caesars first introduced its bacon-wrapped deep-dish pizza, it seemed just a step away from full-blown bacon-wrapped ubiquity. Now, that step has been taken—by Little Caesars, naturally—as the company has unveiled its new Bacon Timeline app for Twitter.

Essentially, the app is just 42 images of sections of bacon that will appear in order on your timeline. The result is a replication of a 3.5 foot bacon strip stretched out for your scrolling pleasure. On the app’s webpage, there’s even a warning that reads, “If wrapping your timeline with forty-two image Tweets of a very long strip of bacon is not for you, then you should definitely not do this because that is exactly what happens when you use Bacon Timeline. If you think you can convince yourself, then you should convince yourself and quickly do Bacon Timeline before you change your mind.”

If you feel the need for 3.5 feet of bacon on your Twitter feed, you can get the app here.

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