Spinto Band Members Releasing Album as A/V Project, Teen Men

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In 2013, Delaware indie pop-rock group The Spinto Band received some of their most widespread praise to-date following the release of their album, Cool Cocoon. Now, members Nick Krill and Joe Hobson are continuing to ride that wave of acclaim by joining up with visual artists Albert Birney (creator of the “Simply Sylvio” series on Vine) and Catharine Maloney (an MFA graduate from Yale University) to form a new audio/visual group. The band, called Teen Men, will release their full-length debut this summer.

Teen Men came about organically after longtime friends Krill, Hobson and Birney collaborated on a one-off audio/visual project. That project would lead to several more and after the three began inviting other friends to join them, Maloney began showing up to sessions on a regular basis. After realizing they had already built a body of work, the four christened themselves Teen Men, a term that comes from an ad in an issue of Playboy from the ‘60s.

During performances, Teen Men play with the backdrop of a projected home-made video that provides interactive opportunities for both the band members and the audience. In regard to the interactiveness, Maloney stated, “It makes the experience for an audience member or listener more whole and hits more of their senses.” At early shows, the group allowed any attendee to become a “Teen Man” with digital download codes printed on big, beige “membership cards” that featured black-and-white yearbook photos of teens.

Teen Men’s self-titled album will be released on CD and digitally June 9. An LP vinyl release is set for July 14 on the Bar/None label.

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