Straight From The Horse's Mouth: Sean Moeller's Daytrotter Picks for 4/6/15

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Straight From The Horse's Mouth: Sean Moeller's Daytrotter Picks for 4/6/15

We’re rooting for the Wisconsin Badgers today, and you should too. Sure, it has nothing to do with music, but it’s what’s on my mind right now. Getting all Twitter and present tense on you. Here is a sampling of the best sessions we posted on Daytrotter last week!



We’ve had this group from Chicago by the studio previously, and it was great then. Its latest visit was something more. They absolutely blew us away, both during the session taping and then later that night when they played on a Communion Club Nights bill here in Rock Island. They added some serious doses of punch and fire to an already powerful sound, giving them the ability to swarm and destroy with their harmonies and blistering wall of sound. Check out Santah’s session here.



This is going to be short: HUMANS rule! That’s not self-congratulatory. That’s about this band. Listen to “Tell Me” right fucking now. Hear HUMANS’ session here.



I was introduced to these Wisconsinites by my friends in PHOX, as they were taking them on a short winter jaunt through our snowy Midwest, and they were immediately appealing. These four young wizards make a sound that’s hard to describe. It goes proggy and it goes Pavement-y, amongst so many other things. The lyrics are dreamy and mostly coated with all kinds of positive vibes while slipping into a jet stream of Pink Floyd-ish flourishes. This could be the next cool band to emerge from the land of cheese and Lambeau. Check out Dolores’ session here.

New Country Rehab


These guys could fool you. You’d think that there must be someone from Elaine, Arkansas in the band, just as The Band had Levon Helm, but you’d be wrong. These Canadians must have come upon their version of Americana the same way The Band did, by experiencing it. These are songs by the ramblers, by the trainspotters, by those who can’t help but feel that hot blood in their veins and wonder where it’s going to take them. “The Blair Mountain Ballad” is one of the best songs you’ll hear this week. Listen to New Country Rehab’s session here.



We often need a little help getting ourselves calmed down to the point where we can hold a cup of coffee—poured right up to the brim—without nervously shaking all the contents out. We’re all so high-strung, or we can be. Milwaukee’s Ladders are therapy, in many ways. The band specializes in a folk rock that’s rooted in Harvest-era Neil Young and provides a soothing balm that can bring you back from all of the anxiety that never fails to persist. Check out Ladders’ session here.



Brian Cherchiglia’s music, whether it’s the stuff that he does with his band The Bottom Dollars or all that he does under a truncated version of his last name, goes something like this: It’s showing up for church on Sunday mornings. It’s showing up for church on Sunday mornings with the taste of Saturday night still on their tongues. It’s showing up for church on Sunday mornings, with the sunlight feeling too damned bright. It’s showing up with mud caking the back tires and the lower half of the truck body. It’s having a flask tucked, at all times, in the inside pocket of any coat that would ever be worn. It’s keeping that flask healthily full with something that coats. It’s keeping every photograph of grandma, grandpa, mom and dad that are still around. It’s looking at them and being reminded of how much you look like all of them and wonder if they were feeling the same ways that they are currently feeling, at the same stages in their lives. It’s feeling time get washed completely the fuck away. It’s feeling helpless and not drunk enough. It’s feeling too drunk, but having it still feel like not being drunk enough. It’s love and it’s a sore throat after a great night with old friends. It’s a sore throat after a night of arguing, of losing. It’s sadness and it’s happiness, in equal measures. Listen to Cherch’s session here.

What would this column be without a batch of new music discoveries? Here are the best ones I sleuthed out this previous week: Extravision, Mat Shoare, Pfarmers, Petite Meller, Boh Doran, Jordan Hull (friends with the great Taylor Brashears), Luna Rossa, Sam Moss, Jaime Rojo, Jeanne Added, Kaleida, Field Studies, Hello Ocho, Courtesy, Children and WWAYLON. Now get out there and have yourself a week!