The Entity Remake in the Works, Led by James Wan and Roy Lee

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A remake of the 1980s horror flick The Entity is getting new life, helmed by James Wan and Roy Lee.

Wan, famous for his contributions in the horror world including Saw and The Conjuring as well as his recent dip into the action world with Furious 7, will be producing the film along with Roy Lee, known for American adaptations of Asian horror cinema. Lee is also involved with forthcoming remake of The Poltergeist and a Cary Fukunaga-directed remake of Stephen King’s It.

In a similar vein to The Conjuring, The Entity is also based on a true story, following a single mother as she suffers physical and sexual abuse from a demon, with a doctor figuring she is self-inflicting the abuse as a way to deal with a dark past. A pair of parapsychologists also factor into the story, hopefully meaning a cameo by Leigh Whannell, Wan’s longtime collaborator who also appeared as a parapsychologist in his film Insidious.

The Conjuring writing duo, brothers Chad and Carey Hayes, will pen the script.