Universal Delays The Mummy Remake and a Planned Monster Movie Mash-Up

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The structure of the Hollywood franchise is changing. With a whirlwind of superhero blockbusters has come the branding of the cinematic universe. Now it appears every great idea must come with a plan that stretches far beyond a single release and into a potential series of movies all connected by a timeline. Universal has taken this new concept and plans to adapt it for a few classic Hollywood movie creatures.

The planned remake of The Mummy has been in the works the studio for some time. Rumors about the project were abuzz last year when Alex Kurtzman came on as a director. Kurtzman, whose only film is the 2012 tearjerker People Like Us, is set to direct the film from a script written by Jon Spaiths, who worked as a writer on Prometheus and the upcoming Doctor Strange adaptation. When news first broke about the film, the release date set for the project was June 24, 2016 with other horror monster favorites such as the Wolf Man, Frankenstein’s monster and the Invisible Man rumored to be getting their own standalone films. Now it appears that Universal will need more time to revive their ancient, entombed friend before bringing him together with his monstrous cohorts in a mash-up movie.

The release date for The Mummy has now been pushed back to March 24, 2017, a whole nine months after the original release date. The push back of that project has set in motion a ripple effect, in turn delaying a second unnamed monster movie, moving that film from April 21, 2017 to March 30, 2018. There is no official word on what the second release may be, but it is known that many classic monster movies are in the works with a mash-up feature set to act as a final culmination of all the films into one giant horror fest.

Universal recently experienced a flop with Dracula Untold, an updated version of the classic vampire character. That film, although not included as part of the planned mash-up series, should act as a reminder of what to avoid moving forward. Personally, we hope the films are a call back to the nostalgic black and white movies starring Boris Karloff or Bela Lugosi. But in the end, we’d settle for anything that doesn’t revert back to loud noises to get a cheap jump scare. We’ll keep you updated as more news surfaces on this new horror series.

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