Watch This Exclusive Trailer for The Party Is Over ... Then Call Your Mother

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Beers, bongs and booty—I feel gross even just typing that. But, like alliteration, the college experience is full of things that seem to make sense at the time, later revealing themselves to be embarrassing at best, repulsive at worst.

Which is probably why so many films wield those post-teenage/pre-adulthood years with such promise for drama: between learning how to do your laundry and generally take care of yourself, college provides the perfect setting in which to determine, exactly, whom or what or how you are.

Which is also why we’re glad to provide an exclusive premiere of the trailer for The Party Is Over, Vahe Gabuchian’s collegiate, cringe-worthy comedy that digs into that interstitial time in any person’s life and uncovers a whole trove of dubious riches.

Unpluck a PBR from the pack, take a gander and remember to call you mother.

The Party Is Over premieres May 1, 2015 on demand.


THE PARTY IS OVER is an alternative college comedy that follows the awkward adventures of three college roommates—Fino, Natan and Will—each involved in an obsessive relationship with equally complicated women.

Fino (Mickey Shiloah, The Baby) has always been conflicted about his physical relationship with Nia (Michelle Page, American Horror Story), a beautiful classmate who enjoys the rough edge of lovemaking. After the police show up to arrest Fino for sexual assault, Fino’s Mother (Kathy Baker, Big Time in Hollywood, FL) encourages him to find out whether he misunderstood Nia’s wishes or whether a psychologically damaged person is manipulating him.

When Natan (Kyle Mooney, Saturday Night Live) meets fellow student Sana (Tamara Dhia, “The Coasters”), a strong-willed Muslim, he becomes obsessed with her dedication to her faith in a modern society. As Sana reluctantly entertains Natan’s curiosity, she begins to question his motivation, forcing Natan to confront his obsession, even if it means facing her father, Yusif (Brian George, The Big Bang Theory).

Will (Eddie Perino, Lab Rats) is pleasantly surprised to find that fellow student Noel (Karynn Moore, Twisted) is curious about his appreciation for amateur pornography. As he gets closer to Noel, he becomes overwhelmed with the idea that she may have puzzling curiosities of her own.

Taken together, the relationships offer a humorous, twisted and honest look at the complications that arise within the collegiate experience—one filled with cultural clashes, sexual adventures and embarrassing realizations.

THE PARTY IS OVER was written by Julian Camillieri and directed by Vahe Gabuchian. The film is executive produced by Kathy Baker, Varujan Gabuchian and Steven Robman. The film has a running time of 89 minutes and will not be rated by the MPAA. Gravitas Ventures will release the film on VOD and across all other digital platforms on Friday, May 1.

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