Boozie: The Hoodie with a Secret

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The hoodie, arguably one of the most innovative clothing items, just got better. Meet the Boozie, a hoodie with two hidden flasks connected to straws disguised as pull strings.

boozie 2.png

With the Boozie, consuming your concealed beverage is no fuss. Hidden within the Boozie are two 10 oz. flasks made from BPA-free plastic. The flasks are connected to straws with drip-free bite valves at the end. It’s just like a hydration pack, but better disguised.

boozie design .png

The Boozies will start shipping in September, just in time for football games and holidays that require unbearable amounts of family time.

For more information, check out the Boozie’s Kickstarter campaign. In order to make smuggling alcohol easier for everyone, the Boozie needs to reach its funding goal by June 16.

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