Coca-Cola Introduces Line of Braille Cans

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“Coca-Cola: Braille” helps everyone open happiness.

To enjoy last summer’s “Share a Coke” campaign, you had to be able to see the name printed on the side. Ad agency Anónimo in Mexico and ad agency Geometry Global in Argentina realized that this excluded Coke drinkers who are blind from experiencing the fun. Anónimo collaborated with Coca-Cola for a limited release of braille cans for the “Coca-Cola: Braille” campaign.

In Argentina, the braille Coke bottles were personalized for players of Los Murciélagos, Argentina’s national blind soccer team. Coach Martín Demonte says of the team, “Los Murcielagos inspire respect and they make you want to play, they’re encouraging. They prove that obstacles don’t exist and that they can enjoy what they do.”

Both of the braille Coke product lines are heart-warming and inclusive campaigns. They’re an excellent execution of Coca-Cola’s brand message that Coke should be enjoyed by all.

via Creative Bloq

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