Company Creates KFC Double Down-Scented Candle, Sells Out Immediately

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Having company over but you’re worried that your generic Yankee Candle collection just won’t set the right mood? Maybe filling your home with the scent of fried chicken, cheese and bacon all smushed together would be much preferred. A company called Kentucky to Kentucky seemed to think so when they created the KFC Double Down-scented candle.

The candle is part of a new collection from the company called “Scents of the Commonwealth,” which also includes scents like Mint Julep and a standalone fried chicken-scented candle. After just going on sale last Friday, May 8, all of the candles except for the unfortunately-titled “Hot Brown” (named for a Kentucky comfort food) are now sold-out.

With the candles quickly selling out and the meat-centric sandwich not available in many countries, the KFC Double Down remains mostly elusive.

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