Font of Albert Einstein’s Penmanship Could Let You Type Like the Genius

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Even if you’re no Einstein, there’s no reason you can’t write like him.

Herald Geisler and Elizabeth Waterhouse have used the science of typography to create a font mimicking the handwriting of one Albert Einstein. After six months of studying the famous scientist’s penmanship on documents provided by the Albert Einstein Archives, Geisler, a typographer, worked with a digital pen to exact the ebbs and flows of Einstein’s handwriting.

The font, however, is not going to be a stagnant set of characters. In an effort to keep Einstein’s handwriting look like, well, handwriting, Geisler plans to make many variations of each letter to make the font for each character change as one types.

A prototype of the Albert Einstein font can be seen on Geisler and Waterhouse’s Kickstarter page and can be purchased by pledging $15 to their project. The proceeds from the crowdfunding — which is currently over $40,000, more than twice their goal of $15,000 with about 20 days left to pledge — will be used to create many variations of each letter and also add various other characters to the font, including numbers. They estimate it will take another six months of work to develop the typeface further.

The idea to create an Albert Einstein font was born over a series of coffees between Geisler and Waterhouse — a former dancer and Harvard graduate in physics — in Frankfurt, Germany. They explain on their campaign page that the typeface “honors Einstein’s innovative style of thinking, which was imaginative, rigorous and playful.”

Geisler also was part of a 2013 Kickstarter campaign to develop a font mimicking Sigmund Freud’s handwriting.

Visit Geisler and Waterhouse’s Kickstarter page to read more about the Albert Einstein font or to purchase it and pledge to the campaign.

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