Starbucks Cup Generator Provides New Names for All

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No matter if your name is one syllable or six, at some point you’ve probably been surprised by what’s scribbled on your Starbucks cup.

Once you’ve placed your order, your future lies in the hands of the barista. Will they realize Inigo Montoya’s not your real name? Is somebody going to write H202 on your water cup? Will you get a specialty blended drink and name? You might get a few extra E’s thrown in with your coffee, free of charge.

Justin Hook put together a handy generator that gives you a Starbucks name at the click of a button. It pulls images of wonky Starbucks cups from Laurie Denness and Jenna Livingston’s Tumblr accounts. If you’re sick of your given name and looking for a fun solution, head to “What’s My Starbucks Name?”

via Starbucks Spelling

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