Watch Louis C.K. Steal Jokes in an SNL Digital Exclusive

Comedy Video
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Somehow this video got cut from last week’s disappointing episode of Saturday Night Live. Louis C.K. was the host, and Kyle Mooney’s most notable recurring character is the pathetic NYC-based stand-up comedian Bruce Chandling, so it makes sense that they’d meet. This pre-taped bit is inspired and legitimately funny, focusing less on the joke stealing scandals that regularly pop up in the world of comedy than in parodying a very specific type of obnoxious, old-fashioned and low-level stand-up comedian. Basically it’s an episode of Louie if it was made by the depressing hack Bruce Chandling instead of the funniest stand-up working today, including guest appearances from Chandling’s comedians buddies like Marco Bandaccio. This would’ve been the funniest thing on the episode if it hadn’t gotten cut. Thankfully it’s here on the internet for all to see.

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